:Ultra Pure Chemicals

Ultra Pure Chemicals

Acetic Acid, glacialMore info
Acetonitrile, anhydrousMore infoACN, methyl cyanide
AcrylamideMore info2-propenamide, acrylic acid amide
Acrylamide : Bisacrylamide, powder blend (37:1)More info
Agar (bacteriological)More info
Agarose GPG/LE™More info
Alcohol, ethylMore infoethanol, absolute alcohol, 200 proof, anhydrous
Alcohol, ethyl for DNA and RNAMore infoethanol, absolute alcohol, 200 proof
Ampicillin, sodium saltMore infoD[-]-a-aminobenzylpenicillin
Aprotinin, bovineMore infoTrasylol, Trypsin inhibitor (basic)
Arginine (L) hydrochlorideMore infoL-Arginine HCl
Bovine Serum AlbuminMore infofraction V, fatty acid free


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