:Resuspension Buffer for Plasmid DNA

Resuspension Buffer for Plasmid DNA

Used in DNA isolation for pellet resuspension


Resuspension buffer for plasmid dna provides a cost effective and
Reliable substitute for high-priced buffers used in the rapid
Isolation of plasmid dna.
Meets all clia regulatory requirements for human testing, diagnosis or treatment.
Unit Min Max
Appearance (Clear, No Insolubles) Pass 0 0
Conductivity (20°C) mS/cm 0 0
Density (20°C) g/cm^3 0 0
pH (20°C) pH 0 0

Notes & Applications

store at 15°C to 30°C
0.2µm filtered
and hybridizations (e.g. southern and dot/slot blots).
Suitable for amplification, digestion, with restriction endonucleases
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