AmericanBio is a manufacturer and supplier of biochemicals and contract manufacturing services for the Life Science market. Our product offering is built and formulated with consideration to current protocols referenced in major scientific publications and are optimized for your applications. All of our manufacturing is done according to strict ISO and cGMP guidelines. In addition, AmericanBio offers added peace of mind by employing quality control systems to ensure that you receive your products in the exact quantity, formulation, grades and packaging required.

AmericanBio offers ultra-pure acrylamides for the manufacturing of polyacrylamides and the manufacture of other monomers.

High quality, ultra-pure biochemicals and reagents that meet or exceed the standards of the American Chemical Society.

From nucleic acid analytic and preparative purposes, to electrophoresis, to blotting or other applications, AmericanBio’s line of agaroses are extremely clear and provide an excellent method of testing DNA quality and quantity.

Our expertise in compliance, regulatory, safety and handling procedures ensure that hazardous chemicals such as these will be manufactured, stored and transported to you safely.

AmericanBio offers an extensive line of ultra-pure antibiotics. Available in both powder and liquid forms, our antibiotics are tested for compatibility with standard tissue culture systems and will remain stable for extended periods when stored under recommended conditions.

AmericanBio offers a line of high-quality bovine albumins for whatever application you may need, be it diagnostics, reagent manufacture or any other. The standard used for protein concentration, bovine serum albumin is commonly used in immunodiagnostic procedures, clinical chemistry reagents, cell culture media, protein chemistry research and molecular biology laboratories (usually to leverage its non-specific protein binding properties).

AmericanBio can customize a buffer to suit whatever your application requirements may be. Powder or liquid forms, concentrated formats or large volumes, AmericanBio can provide the right solution.

specialized products that meet all clinical human testing criteria. CLIA grade biochemicals and reagents are manufactured under cGMP / ISO standards, meeting compliance with all CLIA clinical laboratory requirements.

AmericanBio offers an extensive line of high-quality detergents and surfactants, suitable for all laboratory and research applications. These products are available in powder or liquid forms, and are available in a wide variety of quantities and concentrations.

Endotoxins are toxins that are present inside a bacterial cell and released when the cell disintegrates. They are sometimes responsible for the characteristic symptoms of a disease, e.g., in botulism.

AmericanBio provides a diverse lineup of modifying enzymes for use in the processes of gene transcription, DNA replication, recombination and repair.

AmericanBio offers a wide range of chemicals to facilitate fermentation processes in your laboratory.

From reagent grade to ultra-pure, AmericanBio offers an extensive line of nucleotide products. Our liquid-based nucleotide products test at >98% purity and are PCR performance tested.

We offer an extensive array of peptide manufacture reagents, in both liquid and powder form. All of our PSR’s are tested at >98% purity, and are shipped according to DOT Class 8 specifications.

AmericanBio offers ultra-pure grade protease inhibitors that are available for a wide variety of applications. Storage at -20° C is recommended for best quality over time.

Our solutions are rigorously tested and approved for the most demanding applications (nucleic acid electrophoresis, extraction and purification, hybridization, PCR). They are manufactured using ACS reagent and USP grade raw materials in accordance with cGMP / ISO standards by trained manufacturing technicians.

our standard internal testing exceeds quality standards relative to that of the typical compendial. We provide this additional testing that guarantees the higher standard of purity, thus achieving Ultra Pure grade valuation. (AmericanBio internal testing may include: RNase, DNase, Endonuclease, and Endotoxin)

manufacturing of these products is completed under current good manufacturing practices, and meets the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia.

Choose from micron-filtered, nuclease-free, endotoxin-tested and ultra pure water.