:Proteinase K

Proteinase K

from Tritirachium album, endopeptidase K, >30 units/mg protein


CAS 39450-01-6
Grade ultra pure
Formula weight 28800
Physical description off-white lyophilized powder
Unit Min Max
Activity U/mg 30 60
Appearance Pass 0 0
Expiration Verification (1 Yr. Minimum) Pass 0 0

Notes & Applications

Shelf Lilfe is 24 months - Store at -20°C, protect from light
supplied as a lyophilized white powder
high activity: averages 30 units/mg
useful for proteolytic inactivation of nucleases
active in presence of SDS or urea
used for the modification of proteins and glycoproteins on cell surfaces
from Tritirachium album