:Bovine Serum Albumin

Bovine Serum Albumin

Fraction V, Dnase free, Rnase free, Protease free, non-acetylated


CAS 9048-46-8
Grade ultra pure
Physical description off white to amber powder
Unit Min Max
Albumin (HPLC) % 98 100
DNAse (None Detected) Pass 0 0
Fatty Acids % 0 0.05
Loss On Drying % 0 5
pH Of A 10% Solution 6.7 7.3
Protease (None Detected) Pass 0 0
Rnase (None Detected) Pass 0 0
Conductivity (10% Solution) µS 0 3000
Chloride (10% Solution) mEq/L 0 50
Expiration Verification (1 Yr. Minimum) Pass 0 0
Igg (None Detected) Pass 0 0
Bsa Master Lot Pass 0 0
Microbial Growth (NMT 3 Cfu/ml) Pass 0 0
Sodium (10% Solution) mEq/L 0 50
Virus, Blue Tongue (Negative) Pass 0 0
Virus, Vesicular Stomatitis (Negative) Pass 0 0
Endonuclease (None Detected) Pass 0 0
Exonuclease (None Detected) Pass 0 0

Notes & Applications

Filtered through 0.2µ filter prior to lyophilization
For larger sizes and bulk quantities please inquire
store at 2°C to 8°C
Please see the following water products to make ultra pure BSA solutions:
AB02120 sterile water
AB02123 nuclease free water
AB02124 nuclease free water, bulk
AB02128 water, Rnase free, DEPC treated
Complete virus testing performed on every lot
United States Department of Agriculture
USA Origin Only
Prepared from bovine plasma serum obtained from cattle less than 30 months old.
BSA is a highly soluble crystallized powder which forms a clear particle free solution in water.
All cattle have received ante- and post-mortem inspections from
US Veterinary Service Inspectors within facilities inspected by the
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