:Changing Production Processes Helps Cell Signaling Technology Implement Higher Quality Control Measures While Saving Time and Money

Changing Production Processes Helps Cell Signaling Technology Implement Higher Quality Control Measures While Saving Time and Money

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) produces antibodies and related reagents for researchers and pharmaceutical companies studying cell signaling pathways. As such, they rely on outside vendors to supply the various and copious amounts of raw materials needed to keep up with customer demand.

Historically, CST purchased common reagents from AmericanBio but continued to buy chemical supplies from a number of different suppliers. This all changed when AmericanBio helped the company solve a major production issue. With a fresh approach to customer service, AmericanBio sold CST on the value-added benefits they provide as a trusted reagent and chemical supplier.


CST was faced with a major production issue that stalled productivity and cost the company money. Before partnering with AmericanBio, CST purchased a reagent used in many of the assays they perform at the local grocery story. Each time the lab ran low on the commonly used product, they were forced to send an employee to the store to replenish supplies. Not only did this process cost them more money as they were purchasing materials at a mark-up, it was also taking valuable time away from the lab. It was clear to CST that their current production processes were uncoordinated and inefficient.

CST also turned to AmericanBio to help streamline its buffer manufacturing process, which was inefficient and would not scale effectively to meet its needs.


Once AmericanBio identified CST’s production issues, the company offered to step in and source the product from a known provider. Moreover, AmericanBio’s vice president made regular visits to CST, checking to see that deliveries were made on time, that materials were top-notch, and that all of CST’s needs were met.

As Matt Fry, Director of Products for CST, noted, “He was always here, asking what he could do to help us, solving day-to-day operational issues and improving processes.” AmericanBio’s ISO certification offered an improved quality management system that was a big advantage in the buffer manufacturing process. It also allowed them to quickly produce larger batches of the buffering agent and package the buffers ensuring that the product arrived at CST ready for sale, saving CST time and money.


CST and AmericanBio’s growing partnership provided CST with better quality controls, efficiency and price. When a shortage arose, AmericanBio was ahead of the issue and had already stockpiled the product, ensuring that CST’s operations were not interrupted.

The various projects AmericanBio has taken on have resulted in higher quality control measures, increased efficiencies and cost savings. Recently, CST selected several point people to work closely with AmericanBio, rather than having contacts dispersed throughout the company. This allowed AmericanBio to develop basic forecasting methods that save CST additional money. AmericanBio works with each point person to determine what types of materials they will need over a specified time period, allowing for the coordination of bulk purchasing of materials.

“AmericanBio is willing to try anything to improve our operations; they accommodate our needs and find solutions to solve our business problems—lifting the burden from us,” said Fry. “Whenever we ask for help, we are met with a solution and find added benefits. We often wonder why we waited so long to ask AmericanBio for help on the issue and wish we had tackled it earlier.”

Looking Ahead

Now, CST frequently brainstorms with AmericanBio’s vice president and he, in turn, quickly moves forward with the necessary research, turning ideas into completed projects, offering improved quality controls, efficiency and cost savings.

CST finds great value in AmericanBio’s close proximity. They can count on AmericanBio to provide a consistent presence at CST’s facility, and if an issue arises, they can be on site that day.

“AmericanBio is a great resource and has helped us become a more efficient company by streamlining our processes,” said Fry. “We look up to them.They have shown us how we, as a customer, can benefit from their ISO certification and we are now investigating certification for our company to benefit our customers.”

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