AmericanBio:Heat labile Salt-active Nuclease

Heat labile Salt-active Nuclease



Concentration: ≥25u/µl
Unit Min Max
Volume Activity UNITS/UL 25 30
Protein (Bio-Rad/bradford) mg/mL 0 0
Specific Activity UNITS/mg 175000 350000
Total Activity UNITS 25000 30000

Notes & Applications

HL-SAN is a nonspecific endonuclease with optimum activity at high salt concentrations.
HL-SAN is active in a variety of buffers and can be easily inactivated by treatment with a reducing agent.
These features make HL-SAN particularly useful in the purification of proteins and removal of DNA
and RNA from molecular biology reagents.
AB02680-00025 :: 25,000u $430.50