AmericanBio:Cod UNG Enzyme

Cod UNG Enzyme

Cod Uracil-DNA-glycosylase


Concentration: ≥1u/µl
Unit Min Max
Endonuclease (None Detected) Pass 0 0
Exonuclease (None Detected) Pass 0 0
Volume Activity UNITS/UL 1 1.2
Protein (Bio-Rad/bradford) µg/mL 0 0
Specific Activity UNITS/mg 1000000 1200000
Total Activity UNITS 100 120

Notes & Applications

Cod UNG hydrolyses the N-glycosylic bond between the deoxyribose sugar and the base in uracil
containing DNA leaving an abasic (apyrimidinic) site in DNA. Cod UNG is not active on uracil in RNA.
The high activity combined with a fast irreversibly heat-inactivation step makes the enzyme ideal
for contamination control in PCR- and RT-PCR reactions.
AB02660-00100 :: 100u $112.75
AB02660-01000 :: 1000u $445.88