AmericanBio:HLdsDNAse Enzyme

HLdsDNAse Enzyme

Heat-Labile Double-Strand Specific DNAse


Concentration: ≥2u/µl
Unit Min Max
Volume Activity UNITS/UL 2 2.4
Protein (Bio-Rad/bradford) mg/mL 0 0
Specific Activity UNITS/mg 250000 300000
Total Activity UNITS 250 300
0 0

Notes & Applications

Double-strand specific DNase (dsDNase) is a unique double-strand specific endonuclease.
As it does not digest ssDNA, it can be used to remove dsDNA in the presence of single
stranded DNA molecules, such as primers and probes.
dsDNase is heat-labile, which makes it ideal for applications where the DNase have to be inactivated.
AB02650-00250 :: 250u $281.88
AB02650-01000 :: 1000u $871.25