AmericanBio:TB Dry, solution

TB Dry, solution


Contains a sterile solution of tb dry powder (ab01965) at 55 grams per liter.
Per liter: 12g tryptone, 24g yeast extract, 4g alternate carbon source
14.8g potassium phosphate
Unit Min Max
Appearance(Amber Solution,no Insolubles) Pass 0 0
Conductivity (20°C) mS/cm 0 0
Density (20°C) g/cm^3 0 0
Filtered Through 0.2Μ Filter Pass 0 0
Ph pH 6.8 7.8

Notes & Applications

high nutrient medium formulated to maximize yields of
recombinant plasmids and cosmids
store at 15°C to 30°C
AB01967-01000 :: 1 liter $69.80