AmericanBio:Amphotericin B

Amphotericin B

250µg/ml in nuclease free, endotoxin tested water, 0.2µm filtered, anti-mycotic


CAS 1397-89-3
Grade ultra pure
Physical description clear liquid
Contains 250µg of amphotericin b and 250µg of
Sodium desoxycholate per ml as a solubilizer in
Distilled water
Unit Min Max
Appearance (Clear, No Insolubles) Pass 0 0
pH (20°C) pH 7 14
Expiration Date Verification Pass 0 0

Notes & Applications

recommended concentration: 0.25 to 2.5 µg/ml
store between -5° to -20° C
AB00463-00020 :: 20ml $41.46